Shazia Khushk

shazia khushk

Shazia Khushk  (born September 1970 in Jamshoro), is a Pakistani Pakistani folk singer of Sindhi, Balochi Dhatki, Sairaiki, Urdu, Kashmiri, Gujrati, Brahvi, Punjabi and Balochi.Shazia Khushk was born into a Muslim family of Nawabshah. She debuted for a show in 1992, upon her husband's encouragement, about whom Shazia mentions, ((quote|My husband often called me the Queen of Voice)) She emerged as a singer of two prominent languages Sindhi and Balochi. Shazia is of Kashmiri origins but often recognized as Sindhi folk singer; having been an avid fan of folk-songs of Sindh about Marvi and poetry of renown poet of Sindh Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai. Her debut song "Mara Udheta Pakhiyara Kadi Aao Na Maare Des" popularized her name across the country. She became well-known for her debut song.



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