Nooran Lal

Nooran lal

Nooran Laal is a Pakistani singer. She is very popular singer. She started her music career in 2001 from Pakistan Television. “Mahi Ve Sanon Bhool Na Javi “ that is sung by Norjahan. Which I recorded in her voice at Pakistan Television. Public liked it very much. Her songs are very famous on stage and stage dancers used to dance on them. Nooran Lal is very nice singer.


Famous Song 

Chad Janween Na Channa

Sanu Nehar Wale Pul Te

Dilon Man Layee Teri

Mahi We Bangla Puwade

Aanda Tere Layee Raishmi

Aaj Mera Jee Karda

Bao Jee Main Eik Arz Karan

We Mein Dil Tere Kadma

Tere Sadqe We Dildara

Gori Gori Channani

Kiwein Mein Kajla Pawan


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