Preeti Uttam

Preeti Uttam

Preeti Uttam is a playback singer in Bollywood and is the daughter of music director Uttam Singh. She started her career as one of the child singers in the hugely popular “Lakdi Ki Kathi Kathi Pe Ghoda” (“Masoom”, 1983). She was credited as Gurpreet Kaur in the song and took on Preeti Uttam as her professional name later on.

She went on to sing several Hindi film songs including the critically acclaimed "Charkha Chalati Maa" (“Pinjar”, 2003).

After her first album “Preeti”, she worked on the album “Aathwan Sur - The Other Side of Naushad” (1998) in which she sang songs composed by the legendary music director Naushad along with singer, Hariharan. She later collaborated with her father on the album “Sur” (2002).





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