Nitin Bali

Nitin Bali

Nitin Bali is one of the numerous artists to board the indipop bandwagon. , Nitin comes across as a hardworking, fun-loving extrovert, whose sensitivity can be deeply felt in his music.

Nitin Bali started his career at Zee TV as a Production Coordinator and continued for 3 years. An offer from Channel [V] gave him a great opportunity to further his creative talents. Then came the break that was to prove the turning point in the young man career. He joined ABCL and was largely responsible for the, production co-ordination of the 1996 Miss World Pageant.

His job at the channel also gave him the opportunity to watch and listen to a variety of music - most with little or no substance, though there were exceptions. Confident of his voice and latent talent, Nitin recorded a demo of the song Na jaane, written by him in conjunction with a friend, Manu Chopra. 


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