Kabul & Rock Veda

Kabul & Rock Veda

He loves to fly, and that too on a musical note. Kabul is a singing sensation with a rich resonant voice, blended with individuality. Born n brought up in New Delhi, Kabul is professionally qualified Airbus pilot. But he decided to choose flying with his dream of singing rather than literal flying. Kabul started learning music from very the young age. Education went on side by side but his journey of music never stopped. Kabul was one of very lucky souls to get eminent singers of Indian Classical Music as his teachers. One such name is Ustad Ghulam Sabir Khan Saheb, who not only gave his precious techniques and tricks to polish a newly mined diamond, but also gave such intense connection with music to him that he decided to choose music as his only career and ultimate destination in life. Whether it was the gift of trainings by Gurus or God, Kabul eventually got a spiritual essence in his voice. This versatile singer also has a strong endearing aura of charm to go well along with his melody of voice. His specialty is his persona that suits every style of singing. He carries the fame for many solo shows and has been intensively involved at various levels of singing. He also got the blessings to share the stage with Maestros like Shafqat Amanat Ali. With a strong Indian Classical Music training, Kabul’s versatile voice easily transcends from Soulful Sufi, Hindustani Classical, Raw Earthiness of Folk to the foot tapping popular chartbusters. He puts his soul in each song and sings each composition with complete perseverance. Some people are God gifted and every singer needs the right stage or say the right ‘mike’ to become a legend. With his rigorous ‘riyaaz’, training and blessings from all his Gurus, Kabul is emerging as a young shining star .With wings of music, smooth voice as silk, and his never-say- never attitude, his hopes are all set to be launched big in the world of music. I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky……


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