Harjit Harman

Harjit Harman


Harjit Harman is an Indian Punjabi, Pop and Folk Singer. Harjit was born ( 11 September, 1975 ) Doda Village, Near Nabha, East Punjab. His Genres is Punjabi, Bhangra, Romantic, Pop. Harman is associated with many punjabi singers like Babbu Mann, Mangi Mahal, Pargat Singh, Nachhatar Gill, Preet Harpal, Sardool Sikander. Harjit became today's premier singer in few years. He add a new mile stone with his every new album. Harjit Started his singing career in 1999.

Early Life

Harman was born in Punjab. He completed his stuides from Akaal Degree College Mastuana Sahib (Sngrur) Punjab, India. Where he met S. Pargat Singh, Pargat spotted his talent in singing when he was performing in his college function, Harjit attend Pargat attention and that is turning point in harjit life. Pargat decided to launch Harjit Harman in professional manner and in 1999 Harjit Harman’ first Album “Kuri Chiraan Ton Vichhari” was released.


Harjit released his debut album name as "Kuri Chiraan Ton Vichhari", after that he released his another ablum "Zanjeeri" and follwed by "Tere Pain Bhulekhe" in 2002 and "Panjebaan" in 2004 album was released which awake Punjabi Music fan in all over the world and make him Nationally known for his unique singing style.

Harjit frist album was not so successful, but his song "302 Banju" in 2004 was massive hit and confirmed his popularity. Songs from Panjebaan Album has become Folk of Punjab. The song “Mittran Da Naa Chalde” created a storm in punjabi music industry. All the songs from Panjebaan album were chartbusters. The songs from Panjebaan album were played in every celebration / party. Even today also “Mittraan Da Naa Chalde” song is a must play in every DJ and marriage party.

In 2011, his album Shaan-E-Quam (Pride of the Nation) was nominated for the Global Indian Music Awards under the category "Best Folk Album.

Harjit Harman has toured all over the world including America, England, Australia, Italy, Poland, Norway, New Zealand, France etc.


  • Chad Ke Jawaab
  • Jhanjhar
  • Shaan-E-Kaum
  • Hoor
  • Mundri
  • Singh Soorme
  • Punjebaan
  • Mutiyare
  • Tere Pain Bhulekhe
  • Zanjeeri

Popular Songs

  • "Hoor" (Album: Hoor)
  • "Mundri" (Album: Mundri)
  • "Panjebaan" (Album: Panjeban)
  • "Sajjan Milade" (Album: Hoor)
  • "Jogi" (Album: Mundri)
  • "Chandol" (Album: Mundri)
  • "Jattan De Putt" (Album: Panjebaan)
  • "Dil Marjaane Nu" (Album: Panjebaan)
  • "Patari" (Album: Tere Pain Bhulekhe)
  • "Charkha" (Album: Tere Pain Bhulekhe)
  • "Teri Yaad" (Album: Zanjeeri)
  • "Mitran Da Naa Chalda" (Album: Panjeban)
  • "Gal Dil Di" (Album: Hoor)
  • "Note" (Album: Hoor)


  • Mukh to mitha bol
  • Moga to Melbourne Via Chandigarh
  • Raula Pai Gaya
  • Desi Romeos
  • Tera Mera Ki Rishta


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