Gajendra Verma

Gajendra Verma

If emotions have any sound, that will be called music - that's the belief Gajendra Verma grew up to. Born in a small town Sirsa in Haryana. He is blessed by a musical family and that's how music is imbibed in him. Gajendra's father Surender verma was a Phd in Hindi literature, Lyricist, writer, teacher and also an actor. His mother Chand Verma is a home maker. Gajendra's 3 elder siblings have a kind ear and heart for music.
Gajendra started performing music on stage from the age for 3. Though he did not have any formal training in music but his origin of music was his father and brother. Who taught him the nuances of singing and art of music. 

When he was 11, his family moved to Jaipur, where Gajendra had his education from the Army School Jaipur. He performed at many stage shows and won many music competitions. Which added to his passion for the field of music.

He was exposed to many forms of music and always intrigued to know more about the world music. His desire to fly high with wings of music got him to Mumbai. He then did a 2 year course in Sound Engineering from Mumbai's renowned SAE college. Post the course he has been teaching at SAE and pursuing his dream to be a Musician in the dreamland.

During the journey till now he had his share of bittersweet experiences in the competitive world of Music, where every new tune is as precious as a pearl in the sea-shell. Gajendra's song "Emptiness" also know as "Tune mere jaana" got leaked on internet with a fake sympathetic story of a dying IIT student named Rohan Rathod and had instant liking by 3 million music lovers across the nation. Later on Gajendra filed a complaint claiming his right of the song. This became a big news and was covered by Hindusthan Times, Delhi.

Nevertheless this experience did not bog down the musicians spirit,
he made many jingles and songs and is ready to launch his album with 7 refreshing song in the coming year including "Emptiness". Gajendra experimented with different genres of music in this album from western to soft pop and not to forget light hearted Punjabi folk. All the 7 songs are composed, arranged and sung by Gajendra himself. 

Gajendra believes there is lot more he need to know and learn about all the forms and genres of music across the world. As Lata Mangeshkar quoted once "listening to good music is also a good riyaaz!" Following the quote, Gajendra's platter of music is filled with the tunes of A. R. Rahman, Coldplay and many more. He wishes to learn different genres of music to sharpen his axe of music.


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