Dj Yeshwin Shivadelic

Dj Yeshwin Shivadelic


Yeshwin Shivadelic is an Indian Dj player he is from Mumbai Maharastra. He is the believer of Lord Shiva. He moved to for his work to London, United Kingdom.


Yeshwin is also known as Shivadelic, who was created for the music of Trance. Shiva The himself and Delic is his followers. He is worked in UR Nepal 2013 conserts. His passion to become a world wide Djing player. He is a psychedelic Trance. He is a gym enthusiast kind of person, djing his passion through to this want to spread posotive vibes, his favorite Dj and music composer is Tristan and Mad Maxx.

His Favorite places to play Dj is Universal Religion and Hill Top, Shiva Valley in Goa. The energy and vibe seems to be perfect on the dance floors there. He released his first album with Om Prodution and he is very happy his first album. His top 3 songs are Ganesha Namah- Mad Maxx vs Shivadelic, The Ritual- Avalon vs Mad Maxx & Another Planet remix- Tristan (unreleased). He is also a so workahorlic.

He has been working as dj player from last 5 years. In His career he found himself a International Dj player.


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