Dj Ksr is an North America based Dj player. His real name is Kamal Rehal, he is the one of the best Bhangra Dj player in North America.


Dj KSR is bred out of north America. He has become a widely famous artist in few years. He is a full time wedding and club Dj with 100's of booking over a year. Ksr known for his talent in Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Houston, New Jersey, Chicago – to name a few of many major cities.

In few year he is become and recognised as Canada's No 1 Bhangra Dj, Ksr is the one of them who has more than 5000 hit song, beats and music over the year. He is also award for groundbreaking mashup mixtapes, Entitled Forever and Addiction, which was hosted by Grammy awards winning fatman Scoop.

KSR is a versatile and world wide famous Dj player and artist.

Dj KSR Hit Songs

  • DJ KSR - December 2013 "Dukhi" Podcast
  • Kollaborations I: DJ KSR & DJ Inkredible - Rauj Shamnu (Dhol Mix)
  • Bhang To The Future - The History of Bhangra
  • DJ KSR - November 2013 Podcast - The History of Bhangra: Chapter 4
  • DJ KSR - October 2013 Podcast - The History of Bhangra: Chapter 3
  • Frequency Wedding Mixtape Podcast
  • DJ KSR - September 2013 Podcast - The History of Bhangra: Chapter 2
  • DJ KSR - August 2013 Podcast - The History of Bhangra: Chapter 1
  • DJ KSR - July 2013 "Electro Punjabi" Podcast
  • DJ KSR - June 2013 "Bhangra" Podcast
  • Mix Clash [4] - DJ KSR - Lakk De Hullare (Dub Step)
  • DJ KSR - May 2013 "House" Podcast
  • DJ KSR - April 2013 "College" Podcast
  • DJ KSR ft Sasha Core - Saari Raat Sample
  • DJ KSR - February 2013 "90's Bollywood" Podcast
  • DJ KSR - Jan 2013 "Dance-off" Podcast
  • DJ KSR - Nov 2012 "Punjabi RnB" Podcast
  • DJ KSR - Pao Bhangre


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