Anchal Khumawat

Anchal khumawat

A small town girl, Anchal was exposed to magic only via her over enthusiastic father. Her father is a mining agent and her mother is an electrical engineer. As a hobby her father started collecting magic props, and soon this hobby turned into passion and so much so that his daughter, Aanchal started playing with these props at the age of 3 instead of normal kid toys. And then as fate would have it, she started performing shows first traveling with her dad on a bike and doing shows in small towns and slowly moving towards small stage and then bigger crowds, today Anchal does almost 400-500 shows a year. After completing her schooling, Aanchal currently is juggling with her academics and career. Through the year and she performs 2-3 shows every single day and attends college for two months.



  • Hindi Dance Troupes

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