Aman Hayer

Aman Hayer

Amandeep Singh Hayer, better known as Aman Hayer, is a UK based Bhangra producer,and singer. he Bhangra producer, director, musician and singer has worked on numerous albums since 2002. He has produced seven albums of his own, Deja Vu (2002), Reminisce (2003), Groundshaker (2005), Groundshaker II (2008) and Nachdi De EP (2009), Ajj Nachna EP (2011), The Entourage (2011) and has launched several artists' careers such as the late Kulwinder Dhillon, Angrej Ali and Nirmal Sidhu and Benny Dhaliwal. Aman Hayer now has his own DJ Roadshow called 'The Entourage Roadshow' where he takes many singers from his camp to perform such as Angrej Ali, Sherry Maan, Mangi Mahal, Benny Dhaliwal, Sarbjit Cheema, K S Makhan, Geeta Zaildar, Dev Dhillon, Gippy Grewal & Rasshee Rraga. Hayer married a lawyer based in Birmingham in 2010.


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